“APMC-Aklan | “Sadsad2024””

January 18, 2024

                Asia Pacific Medical Center (APMC) – Aklan participated in the vibrant Kalibo Ati-Atihan Festival 2024, showcasing our commitment to community engagement and cultural celebration. Despite challenges, our presence resonated with the festival’s spirit, symbolizing unity and diversity. As we immersed ourselves in the colorful festivities, Sadsad sa Kalye reflects our touching emotions, acknowledging the struggles amidst the joyous atmosphere. With pride and humility, we represented APMC Aklan promoting relationships and honoring the rich Ati-Atihan legacy. 

                  Together, under the banner of Asia Pacific Medical Center (APMC) – Aklan, we celebrate the diversity of cultures that define our common humanity as a group.

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