Pulmonary Care Unit

Pulmonary Care Unit

Pulmonary Care Unit

Pulmonary Care Unit is a specialized unit that is dedicated to provide care and support for individuals with respiratory conditions and lung-related ailments. At APMC Aklan, our Pulmonary are Unit is staffed by qualified and professionally trained pulmonologists and respiratory therapists. We ensure that our patients receive an optimum diagnosis, management, and treatment outcomes with whatever respiratory conditions they have. We provide our patients with a complete range of quality respiratory care supplies, reliable and safe medical equipment, and Comprehensive Respiratory Care services.

Services Offered:

•Arterial Blood Gas (ABG) Analysis

•Pulmonary Function Tests
 -Simple Spirometry
 -Simple Spirometry W/ Pre &Post Bronchodilator
•Nebulization Therapy
•Chest Physiotherapy
•Six Minute Walk test
•Incentive Spirometry
•Peak Expiratory Flow Rate measurement (PEFR)
•Pulse Oximetry (Spot Checking)

Non- Invasive Ventilatory Support
•High Flow Oxygen Therapy

Invasive Ventilatory Support
•Mechanical Ventilation
•Ventilatory Weaning Procedures

    Operating Hours: 

    24 hours a day – Monday to Sunday

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