Pedia & Adult ICU

Pedia & Adult ICU

Pedia & Adult ICU

Our Pediatric ICU is designed for babies, kids, and teenagers who need serious medical help. It has modern tools and a fun place for children. Our doctors know a lot about taking care of sick kids. We help with breathing problems, surgeries, and other serious issues. We’re here 24/7 to make sure kids feel good, safe, and healthy.

Pedia ICU Sections:

PICU- Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
NICU- Neonatal Intensive Care Unit 

Adult ICU (Intensive Care Unit):

The Adult ICU, or Intensive Care Unit, is a specialized department within our hospital that provides intensive medical care for critically ill adult patients. These patients typically require constant monitoring, advanced medical interventions, and specialized equipment to support their organ functions. The Adult ICU is staffed by a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals, including critical care physicians (intensivists), critical care nurses, respiratory therapists, and other specialists, who work together to provide comprehensive care for these critically ill adult patients.

Adult ICU

MICU- Medical Intensive Care Unit
CCU- Coronary Care Unit
SICU- Surgical Intensive Care Unit

Operating Hours: 

24 hours a day – Monday to Sunday

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